What to do when you have registered for DofE

You have registered with DofE for the first time

  1. You receive an email from DofE saying that you are on the eDofE system.  It will give you your user name, and the password you use for your first logon.
  2. You should log on using the name and password you received.  You will be required to change your password.  Please make a note of what you choose!  You will be asked to fill in some extra information.  Please also check that your name and date of birth are correct: if they are not, get in touch with us.
  3. Once you have filled in your address, you will receive, through the post, your welcome pack, though it may take a couple of weeks.  It includes a sheet for you to hand to your Assessor for each activity. 
  4. You should download the eDofE app to your phone, as this will make it much easier to use.  You will find the links and help here: https://www.dofe.org/do/app/.
  5. You can then start to enter information for Volunteering, Physical and Skill.  Don’t try to enter expedition details, as that will be done by your leaders nearer the time.
  6. You will be asked to choose the “timescale”.  This could mean, at Bronze for instance, choosing 6 months for Volunteering and 3 months for each of the others.  You have to enter a start date for each one.  Note that you can backdate one activity by up to 3 months if you have already been doing it – for instance, if you have already been working as a Young Leader, you could backdate the Volunteering start date to 3 months before you registered for DofE. 
  7. For each activity, you should enter details of where you will do it and who will Assess you.  You should also enter your Goals: eg “To develop my confidence in talking to the Cubs”; “To improve my fitness and hold a regular place in the team”; “To improve my piano playing and achieve Grade 3”.  When the details are complete, you click a button to ‘Submit programme planner’.  Your DofE leader should then approve it, or ask you for further information.

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You have registered to add a level

  • You are already registered on eDofE, so steps 1 and 2 above do not apply.  Just make sure your address is correct on the system, and your email address is up to date.
  • You should receive your welcome pack through the post.
  • Steps 4 to 6 are more or less as above.   However:
    • You can start working for any section that has been completed at the lower level, but not before the date it was completed.
    • You must be 16 to register for Gold, and “Nothing can count for Gold before your 16th birthday”.
    • If you choose the same activity again, your goals should show how you intend to make further progress.