What does it cost?

Costs and Support available – Updated: 17th February 2022

How SEEE Operates

  • The SEEE expedition programme is self-funded from the income we receive from participants and operates “at cost”
  • We neither receive any regular income or financial support from, or provide funds to, any other part of Scouting
  • We receive substantial support through use of expedition equipment at reduced or no charge from local Scout Districts and Groups
  • We may on occasion receive grants and donations (including volunteers who choose not to request payment of expenses)

Our Volunteers

SEEE can only operate through the generosity of over 60 volunteers who willingly gave a total of 10,000 hours of their time in 2021, and in many cases donated their “out of pocket” expenses to SEEE.  Please do contact us if you would like to join the team as there are many different ways to help and have fun!

How SEEE funds are used

Income we receive is used to:

  • Cover direct costs of running each training activity and expedition
  • Cover administration and communication costs for our programme e.g., charges to use OSM, Zoom, our website and email server, production of training documents
  • Support some of the costs to train our volunteers to run expeditions safely and in line with best practice – e.g., Expedition First Aid.
  • Maintain a prudent level of reserve funds to ensure our programme is sustainable now and for future participants:
    • provide contingency funds to manage the unexpected – damage or loss of equipment, late changes to plans incurring extra costs such as bad weather requiring participants to be evacuated
    • fund the purchase of specialist equipment (e.g. satellite trackers) not available within local Scouting organisations
    • develop and launch new types of expedition (e.g., biking, Explorer Belt expedition)
    • enable expeditions to be accessible to all youth members

Our aim is to provide expeditions with charges that are substantially lower than most other options open to Explorers through schools or commercial activity providers which offer open expeditions.

Expedition Charges – 2022

Costs of individual expeditions vary depending on the numbers attending, duration and location, but here are indicative costs along with recent examples for other organisations who typically use paid staff.

The following are indicative costs for hillwalking including costs that we are aware other organisations and suppliers charge.

Specific costs for each expedition will be confirmed as soon as possible after the numbers of participants taking part are known each year, and we will do all we can to keep these as low as possible.

Award Level

SEEE Guide (Hillwalking)

Other Providers – Example Costs(2020)


£16 (2 days, Pentlands)

£35 – £130


£55-£75 (3 days, Lammermuirs)

£70 – £190


£85 -£100 (4 days, Bridge of Orchy)

£110 – £260

  • The charge for each expedition is estimated to cover the specific costs in running the expedition, any and training required, and to contribute to the overall costs of running the SEEE Programme.
  • It does not usually include transport to/from the start/finish points or hire of specialist equipment e.g., bikes or canoes for expeditions using different forms of travel.
  • Biking expeditions will be similar – with an additional cost of £10 for use of bike trailers per expedition.
  • Generally, for Silver and Gold Awards it is necessary to complete two expeditions – a practice expedition and a qualifying expedition, whereas for Bronze there is no requirement for a practice expedition. Practice expeditions run for two days/nights and may be at lower cost.
  • At end of the expedition, any unplanned surplus is returned to the contingency fund.

What is not covered by our charges

Individuals may have additional personal costs to:

  • ensure they have personal kit as shown in the expedition kit list
  • contribute to food purchased for their expedition group
  • pay for the replacement or repair of equipment through lack of care by individuals or a group
  • arrange transport or car shares to the start and finish locations for an expedition

Support we can provide

Part of our Scouting values is that any Explorer who wants to complete an expedition should be able to do so, regardless of personal circumstances at the time.

Please contact David or John in confidence so we can understand your situation and see how we can provide support to help make that possible, whether that be due to cost, lack of suitable kit, transport difficulties to/from the expedition or indeed any other matter.