Volunteers – how to claim expenses


SEEE relies totally on volunteers who contribute their time and expertise to help make expeditions possible, and reasonable expenses may be claimed to ensure that you are not “out of pocket” by volunteering.

If you have a large or unusual expense please discuss with the relevant person, so it can be agreed and included in the relevant budget and charges set for participants:

How to Submit a Claim

  • Complete the standard Expense Claim form at https://sesscouts.org.uk/expenses-claim-form/
  • You should enter your usual Scouting role – if you only volunteer in Scouting with SEEE your role is likely to be “District Skills Instructor”.
  • Most important is for the authoriser, select “SEEE Team Leader” from the drop-down menu beneath the Authoriser heading.
  • You should receive an email immediately to note the successful submission of the form – do check SPAM if you don’t see it in your inbox.


  • Please submit your claim within 4 weeks if at all possible
  • Your claim will normally be paid into your nominated account within 1 – 2 weeks of submission. If you haven’t received it by then, please email david.newton@sesscouts.org.uk


  • Notes on the expenses process are available at: https://sesscouts.org.uk/south-east-scotland-scouts-expense-claims-process/
  • The current mileage rate is £0.45 per mile (Oct 2023).
  • Photos/scans of receipts should be uploaded – these are important to support independent auditing of SES accounts although it is understood that occasionally these may be misplaced or not issued in some situations.
  • Please car share when practical – to both reduce our carbon footprint and allow the cost of our expeditions to be minimised.

Unclaimed Expenses

We very much appreciate volunteers who choose not to claim all or part of their expenses – these are treated as a donation to SEEE and helps to significantly reduce the costs in providing expeditions.