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For your Volunteering, you need to do the equivalent of an hour a week for the period required.  If it is less frequent, check with your leader whether that will work.

You should choose something where you are giving your time to help other people.  If you are a Young Leader, that works perfectly, but make sure you do Module A, at least.  Other examples are helping a charity, taking part in an environmental project, coaching younger children at sport or dance …

The Assessor can’t be a family member.  For some activities it is obvious – your Cub Leader or charity shop manager, for instance.  For others, look for somebody who knows about the activity and can check your progress and support you before writing the final report.

What activities count (from the DofE website)

Volunteering is simple. It’s about choosing to give time to help people, the community or society, the environment or animals.

Your volunteering must not be done for a business but can be undertaken for a charity or not-for-profit organisation. Where your volunteering is in support of surplus generating work, for example a charity shop, then some Local Authorities may require a work permit. The charity you are volunteering with should be aware of this and support you as required.

For your volunteering activity you need to choose to give time to do something useful without getting paid (apart from expenses).

You can also volunteer in a team, which might be an easier way to find an activity if you can identify a local need you can help with.

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