Training 2024

Information and materials for training


1 Navigation

Online training materials to help you navigate like a pro

2 The 5 Ds

How not to get lost

3 Route Planning – Timing

How to work out your timings, and keep to them

How to navigate safely on your expedition

5 eDofE Mapping

Learning to use eDofE Mapping with Ordnance Survey maps

How to use the 'skeleton' gpx file to create your route and route card


Safety – Weather

Understanding weather and forecasts

Safety – Your Phone

How to use your phone to keep safe on an expedition - apps etc

Safety – Stoves

Safety advice for stoves, gas and spirit (DofE)


How to stay healthy when lightweight camping


Recent changes in DofE

Some updates on recent changes, affecting Leaders and Explorers

The revised Expedition Training Framework for Hillwalking

Country Code etc

Behaving responsibly and safely in the Countryside

Kit for Hillwalking

Kit list for hillwalking expeditions. Some parts are also relevant for biking.

How to walk on an expedition

Ideas to help you enjoy a good expedition - safe and comfortable