DofE – the basics

What you need to know

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award allows young people to have their activities and achievements recognised.  We offer it as part of Scouting in South East Scotland Region, and it counts towards the Chief Scout’s Award (Platinum and Diamond) and the King’s Scout Award. Please take a little time to learn about DofE from the links provided on this page.  You can start with an outline of how to do DofE with SEEE (South East Explorer Expeditions).

On the Scout website

On the DofE website

On our website - DofE in SES Scouts

Much of the SEEE website deals with the Expedition section, but here are some items that deal with DofE in general, with links to the DofE website.

eDofE – how to use it

Learning to use eDofE

Explanation of Section Planners, Evidence, Assessors and Assessor's reports

Expedition section

The Expedition section, and how to do it - an overview of what DofE says

Volunteering section

The Volunteering section, and how to do it

Physical section

The Physical section, and how to do it

Skills section

The Skills section, and how to do it

The Residential section, and how to do it