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For your Skill, you need to do the equivalent of an hour a week for the period required.  If it is less frequent, check with your leader whether that will work.

You should choose something that is not in the Physical category.  Some examples are: music; cooking; arts or crafts; photography; debating; gardening; looking after animals …  You should aim to learn and improve your performance.

You can’t count something you have to do at school or work, but you can count music or other activities if you are putting in at least an hour a week of your own time (so practice at home, orchestra etc).

The Assessor can’t be a family member.  For some activities it is obvious – your music teacher, for instance.  For others, look for somebody who knows about the activity and can check your progress and support you before writing the final report.

What activities count (from the DofE website)

For your skills activity you need to choose an activity that will allow you to prove you have broadened your understanding and increased your expertise in your chosen skill. It should not be a physical activity, for example horse riding, as this counts towards your Physical section, however, you could choose to learn about caring for horses.

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