Silvers and Golds February update

There was a meeting online on 22 February to explain what is happening.  The slides used at the meeting have been e-mailed out to all Silver and Gold candidates along with a message explaining what is happening.

In brief:

  • We will shortly send everyone dates for their Practice and Qualifying expeditions. 
    • We will ask you to confirm that you can attend on those dates, or let us know if you cannot. 
  • We will then let you know your groups (chosen as far as possible to keep people from the same area together). 
  • We shall let you know about training, which will start very soon.
    • To start your training, you will be asked to look at some material available online.
    • We will also ask you to attend training based at Bonaly Scout Centre, starting in March.  Dates will be issued soon.
    • You should look at the kit list, so you know what you will need.