Silver Training Leaders Session 3

Sunday 25 April

These Explorers are working on Silver and/or Gold.  This is the last of the online sessions.

There are two breakout sessions: the first is short, 12 minutes; the second is 25 minutes.
Here are the PowerPoint slides.  There are notes, which you can see if you use Presenter View.

Breakout 1 Codes Projects

Breakout 2 Food


Many thanks for offering to help us train the Explorers to prepare them for their DofE expeditions.








20 Conditions; The Codes




The Codes; Projects & Presentations

Groups 12 mins

Breakout 1

Allow about 6 minutes for each main topic.

FoodGroups 25 mins

Breakout 2

In the first three exercises ask Explorers to think and note down answers before discussing.   Last section (photos) is for quick live discussion.

Round upAll 5 mins


Outline of where we are, next steps.

Notes – Breakout Session 1, lasting 12 minutes only, so move through quickly

  • Highway Code – which side of the road? [3 slides]  Do quickly.
  • Gates [1 slide] Does not need much time.
  • Quiz [2 slides] Pause to let them note their answers, then work through, selecting people and discussing the answers. Finally, show the second slide and discuss anything missed out.
  • Projects [2 slides] You could ask them for ideas before showing the first slide, then display it and use it to help them think about what a good project would be – one that is interesting and fun for them.  The second slide can be used to think about team work, a topic to be covered again in their real teams.

Notes – Breakout Session 2 lasts 25 minutes

  • Menu Planning – think about … [1 slide] Discuss the importance of each item.  If you can re-order them, so much the better, but it is the discussion that matters.
  • Menu Planning – ‘kitchen’ [3 slides] Allow time for them to make their own list before showing the second slide an discussing solutions.  Finally, show the last slide and discuss.
  • Menu Planning – ‘do/do not …’ [3 slides]  Allow time for them to note answers and discuss before showing second slide with suggestions. Use third slide for discussion.
  • Menu Planning – ready meals [3 slides] Use the first slide to explain the pros and cons of the two types of ready meal, and how they compare to cooking from scratch.  Then show the second slide fairly briefly before showing the third with key information highlighted and answers to the relevant sums.  The message is, you have to decide: cost? weight? calories? taste? environment?
  • Menu Planning – choices [11 slides] Use these to discuss pros and cons of the many foods shown.  Don’t try to read the detail, but refer to the factors to be considered, discussed in the previous section.  Feel free to share any favourite hiking food ideas!

Complete slide deck for Week 3

For those who might be interested, here is the complete presentation, including the breakout material.  Most of the main material is recorded.

Silver Session 3 slides Main 1 20 Conditions Codes

Breakout 1 slides Codes and Projects 

Silver Session 3 slides Main 2 Food and Summary

Breakout 2 slides Food and Summary