Silver Training Leaders Session 2

Sunday 18 April

These Explorers have all done Basic Training, though it may be some time ago in some cases.  They are working on Silver and/or Gold.

There are two breakout sessions of 20 minutes each.  They follow mainly from the topics done in the general presentation, to allow practice, but there are two extra topics in the second session.
Here are the PowerPoint slides.  There are notes, which you can see if you use Presenter View.

Breakout 1 Hazards Emergencies

Breakout 2 Weather Campsite Walking


Many thanks for offering to help us train the Explorers to prepare them for their DofE expeditions.







Hazards, Emergencies



Emergency Procedures

Groups 20 mins


Allow 10 minutes for each section.

Weather; Hygiene All Main  
Weather; Campsite; Walking Groups 20 mins


Weather 5 mins; Choosing campsite 5 mins; How do to an Expedition 10 mins

Notes – Breakout Session 1

For the Hazards exercise you should encourage them to think through different types of hazard, then grade them on how likely and how serious they are. Finally, ask them to think about mitigation – with prevention usually being better than cure.

For Emergency Scenario(s), you can go through the options quickly using the visual slides, then display them as a list using the first slide after the beige ‘End of Options’ slide, finally moving on to the ‘suggested answer’ slide. It would be good if you could also discuss the Scout Emergency Card. There are two extra scenarios available in case they romp through all the earlier material.

Notes – Breakout Session 2

The Weather exercise can be done quickly. 

The Choosing a Campsite exercise is pretty simple, but it is worth spelling out that they will have to make this decision for real every night when on an expedition, and getting them to think through the principles involved.  There are notes which you can see in Presenter View.

The How to do an Expedition exercise gives you a chance to cover the whole experience, so please share any wisdom you choose, trying to give a positive spin to balance all the doom and gloom we seem to focus on!

Complete slide deck for Week 2

For those who might be interested, here is the complete presentation, including the breakout material.  There may be a few small changes before Sunday, but not many.  Most of the material is recorded.

Silver Session 2 slides complete