SEEE – who are we?

South East Explorer Expeditions (SEEE) is a team of over 60 volunteers from across South East Scotland Region who run DofE expeditions.  Over 250 Explorer Scouts successfully completed expeditions with us in 2021 at Bronze, Silver and Gold levels.  In 2022, about 125 Explorers completed an expedition with us, but that does not count the many Bronzes and some Silvers who did their expeditions locally.

Read about us in the South East Scotland Scouts Regional Newsletter:

  • Oct 2022 final report on the season’s expeditions.
  • Sep 2022 reports on the summer expeditions.
  • Apr 2022 report on the Training Days.
  • October 2021 outlines our success over the last expedition season, and lists the many people who helped us achieve this.
  • July 2021 reports on the June expeditions.
  • June 2021 reports on the Borders District expeditions.
  • May 2021 reports on expeditions in April and May.
  • November 2020 reports on our early attempts to get back out on expedition, in the Pentlands and on the water.

For full details of paddling expeditions, see Longcraig ESSU site.