SEEE OSM Personal Info Guidelines

Updating Personal Information for SEEE Expeditions

Set up at least 2 Contacts

Make sure there are at least 2 contacts – and that at least one is available by phone at any time during the expedition. We will try Primary Contact 1, Primary Contact 2, and Emergency Contact in that order.

OSM Primary Contacts entry box

Enable “Receive Text Messages from leaders” for all mobile phones

Make sure that each mobile phone number has the setting on to allow leaders to send text messages – if we need to contact you all quickly,, we can send one text message to everyone, which is much quicker than typing in 30 phone numbers in an emergency.

To do this there are three steps for each contact:

  • click on the edit button at the right of the contact
  • scroll down to see the lower part of the “Edit Primary Contact1 window with “Receive Text Messages from Leaders”
  • Make sure the tick boxes are set for “Receive text messages from Leaders” for each mobile phone.
OSM Primary Contact 1 entry box
OSM Primary Contact 1 entry box phones

Essential Information Section

Remember that leaders come from different Units and may not know your Explorer personally, so please complete the fields to note all relevant information for the activity. If there is nothing to note, it is helpful to enter “None” so we know it is intentionally empty rather than missed out by mistake.

Make sure everything we need to know for safety and wellbeing are covered in these fields

OSM Essential Info entry box


We need your consent to use personal information in certain ways.

We require consent to share sensitive information to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all participants.

We request consent to record photographs and videos to communicate the achievements and experiences of Explorers to share with parents, Explorers, leaders and to promote the benefits of Scouting and expeditions. We follow normal Scout guidelines to ensure photographs are appropriate and that no individual will be identified by full name without prior consent.

OSM consents box

And most Important – even if you have changed nothing!

OSM Confirm box
  • Click the orange button at the top “I confirm these details are correct” so we know you have reviewed and confirmed the information is up to date, even if you haven’t changed anything.