SEEE Funding and Use of Income

SEEE Funding

  • Income from participants covers costs of expeditions and the SEEE programme, provides support for those who have barriers to participation, and maintains a reserve fund to cover contingencies and future develop the SEEE programme for the future.
  • SEEE seeks grants and donations to provide additional financial income. 
  • The programme is run solely by unpaid volunteers who generously donate their skills and personal time – our charges are much less most other providers solely through the generosity of over 50 individuals who contribute many hundreds of hours of their time and often without claiming any out-of-pocket expenses.

What our income is used for

Income from participants taking part in expeditions is used to: 

  • Cover direct costs of running training activities and expeditions, including “out of pocket” expenses for volunteers such as travel/mileage, accommodation in campsites/hostels and any other costs they may incur in supporting expeditions.
  • Cover administration and communication costs for our programme e.g. charges to use OSM, Zoom, our website and email server, training material for participants.
  • Contribute to training our volunteers to run expeditions safely and in line with best practice – e.g. Expedition First Aid.
  • Maintain a prudent level of reserve funds to ensure our programme is sustainable now and for future participants, for example, to hold contingency funds to manage the unexpected – damage or loss of equipment, late changes to plans incurring extra costs such as bad weather requiring participants to be evacuated.
  • Fund the purchase of specialist equipment (e.g. satellite trackers) not available within local Scouting organisations.
  • Develop new types of expedition (e.g., biking, Explorer Belt expedition).
  • Enable expeditions to be accessible to all youth members.
  • Provide support to participants where there are barriers to their taking part in the programme.

Our aim is to provide expeditions with charges that are substantially lower than most other options open to Explorers through schools or commercial activity providers which offer open expeditions, and to support individuals.  When practical, we seek additional income from grants, donations and fundraising to supplement income from participants.