SEEE Expenses

Volunteers contribute their time to provide Explorers with the opportunity to take part in expeditions, and SEEE does not wish anyone to be “out of pocket” as a volunteer.

We will pay for any reasonable expenses incurred in supporting the programme that volunteers wish to claim.

Examples of typical expenses are:

  • Travel costs from home to the expedition area, for recce visits and during the expedition for supervision/assessment, including parking in busier locales.
  • Costs related to the running of the expedition which have been paid personally ( printing, campsite fees, sundry items )
  • Subsistence/Accommodation

To claim expenses, please send an email to the Craigalmond District Explorer Scout Administrator with the following information: 



  • The bank account sort code and number you want the payment to be made to
  • The amount for each item claimed, and brief description
  • A scan or photo of the receipt
  • For use of a car, a mileage rate will be paid. Please note total distance travelled from start to completion of travel associated with an individual expedition or activity with a brief summary description such as “Travel to/from Edinburgh to Trossachs and travel within expedition area for supervision/support over 2 days”. 

Our number one priority is to make this process as simple as possible for volunteers – but please do help our DESA who must provide details of our finances to the District Treasurer for annual audit in line with OSCR requirements by including sufficient to cover this.  

  • Please submit claims within 4 weeks if possible so actual costs for expeditions can be finalised.
  • If volunteers choose not to claim expenses, any surplus arising from the expedition budget will be placed in the contingency fund.
  • Receipts do get misplaced – if this happens, please state this in the email with the amount.
  • Payment will normally be made within 5 days of submitting a claim, but sometimes the approver for payments may be unavailable and it takes longer. If you have not received a payment after 2 weeks, please send an email to  just in case communication has broken down.  Payments will show on your account as originating from CRAIGALMOND EXPLORER SCOUTS – DOFE Sort code 80-22-60 Account number 20269164

Last Updated: 01/06/2021