Safety – Your Phone

How to use your phone to keep safe on an expedition - apps etc

Phones are permitted on DofE for two purposes:

  • In an emergency to allow you to contact leaders or the emergency services
  • To take photographs for use in your expedition report – not needed for training

Your expedition requires you to focus all day on what you are doing on the hill, so don’t let the phone distract from all of that, and keep your battery charge for emergencies!  However, your phone is also a useful tool, so please prepare now:

  • Install the OS Locate app on your phone – to use in an emergency to be sure of the grid reference of your location.  Download it from Google Play or the Apple Store.  Read some FAQ here. It works even without a phone signal and gives an accurate grid reference, but do not rely on the height given, or the compass.
  • Register your phone to be able to use Emergency SMS to contact the Emergency services.
  • For Android, download an app called ‘Mountain Forecast Viewer’ on your phone, and check their specialist weather forecasts.  Note that the app links to the MWIS service.

See DofE poster about who to call in an emergency.