Register for Bronze, Silver or Gold DofE

To register for DofE through Scouting you must be an Explorer or Explorer Scout Young Leader, or a member of Network.

There is a link below to a form to let you order a place so you can start on the Bronze, Silver or Gold DofE Awards, but please read the all the advice to make sure you make the best choice of which level to order, as it is not possible to refund the charge for a place once it has been provided to you, and you have started using it.  If in doubt, please contact your leader for advice.

Age requirements for each level of the Award

Bronze – you can start if you are 14, or you are in a year group where pupils turn 14 during the school year (normally S3).

Silver – you can start if you are 15, or you are in a year group at school where pupils turn 15 during the school year (normally S4).

Gold – you can start when you turn 16.

You have until your 25th birthday to complete your Awards.

You are just about to start your first DofE Award

You simply need to order a place for the level of Award that matches your age – you are a direct entrant  – and if you are starting with Silver and Gold the duration for the sections will be different to someone who has completed Bronze or Silver and is progressing to that level.

Start with the level which matches your age and year group at school.  Not everyone should start with Bronze.  If you are not sure, ask your leader.

You have already started the Award at school

If you started DofE with your school, you can ask us to move your DofE to Scouting.  Find out information on what to do on this web page and request a transfer before registering for a Silver or Gold place. 

You have already started the Award through Scouts

You can order a place for the next level of the Award as soon as you meet the age requirements and you have completed at least one section from Physical, Skill, Volunteering, or Expedition for your current Award.  It is usually a good idea to do this, as you can progress to the different sections of the new level as soon as you finish them at your current level.

Before you order a place make sure you have your 7-digit eDofE number ready.

If you started a level of the Award and are old enough to start one of the later levels but have lots still to complete on the first Award, it may be best to abandon the first level and order a place for the level that matches your age range and restart as a direct entrant to the new level. You should discuss this with your leader to decide which option is best.-


The charge for a place covers costs for DofE and Scouts Scotland to manage the DofE Programme, but not the cost of expeditions etc.

The breakdown of charges for each type of registration is:

  • Bronze or Silver – £30.00
  • Gold – £37.00

If you order using the online service below, an additional charge of £1 to cover online ordering/payments processing is added to the costs above.

How do I order my place

If your section/unit is listed in the section below for your District, you can proceed to order online, otherwise contact your local Section Leader.


BordersExplorer ScoutsLauderdaleOnline
BordersExplorer ScoutsTweedglenOnline
BordersExplorer ScoutsYoung LeadersOnline
Explorer Scouts Albatross Online
Explorer Scouts Greenbank Online
Explorer Scouts Meadows Online
Explorer Scouts Myreside Online
Explorer Scouts SMESU Online
Explorer Scouts Young Leaders Online
Explorer Scouts Cramond Online
Explorer Scouts East Craigs Online
Explorer Scouts South Queensferry Online
Explorer Scouts Young Leaders Online
Explorer Scouts Longcraig ESSU Online
DistrictSectionUnitHow To Register
East LothianExplorer ScoutsEast LintonOnline
East LothianExplorer ScoutsNorth BerwickOnline
East LothianExplorer ScoutsHaddingtonOnline
Explorer Scouts Calton Online
Explorer Scouts Young Leaders Online
Network District Network Members Online
Explorer ScoutsGorebridgeOnline

All other Units or Sections should contact your local leader


PentlandExplorer ScoutsBore StaneOnline
PentlandExplorer ScoutsEdgeOnline
PentlandExplorer ScoutsTormainOnline
PentlandExplorer ScoutsTowerOnline
PentlandExplorer ScoutsWildfireOnline
PentlandExplorer ScoutsYoung LeadersOnline

If you have any questions about using this registration service please email us

Ready to order online now

Before you start the online order check that:

  • You know if you want to order Bronze, Silver or Gold
  • You and a parent/guardian are able to read emails, as you will each receive emails with verification numbers you will need to enter during registration
  • You have a debit or credit card ready to pay the registration fee – these are £31.00 for Bronze or Silver (DofE/Scouts Scotland fee – £30.00, card processing fees £0.64, SEEE IT costs £0.36) and £37.00 for Gold (DofE/Scouts Scotland fee – £36.00, card processing fees £0.73, SEEE IT costs £0.27)