Practical Training Required

For those who have completed the Basic Training online

Now that you have completed the online sessions, you need to do some practical work.  Your leaders will arrange for you to meet up to do this locally.  As a minimum, you should do the following:
Navigation practice
  • Setting a map by the terrain and using a compass
  • Using a compass to take and walk on a bearing
  • Using the 5 Ds to plan and walk a leg of a route
  • Using your stove safely, including how to light it
  • How to assemble it and pack it away again
  • Practise boiling water and how to pour it safely (the pan may be very hot!)
  • Show how you pack your rucksack, adjust it and walk with it correctly and comfortably.
  • Make sure your boots are fit for purpose and are worn in if new – practise walking in them.