Phone and device policy for SEEE

SEEE policy for phones and electronic devices

It is a requirement of DofE that groups adhere to the mobile phone policy.

This is because an expedition is an opportunity  to have a unique and memorable outdoor experience away from the digital world, spending time with friends and working together as a team.

The SEEE policy for phones and devices for participants is:

  • Phones, if carried, are for use in emergencies only.  The phone should be registered in advance for the 999 text service.
  • Phones should not be used for navigational purposes, except that OS Locate may be used in an emergency to provide an accurate grid reference for the current position.
  • GPS devices should not be used for navigation.
  • Phones should not be used for general communication, so no calls or messages to family and friends, no link to social media or tracking sites.
  • If a phone is to be used as a camera, the files should be kept on the phone till the end of the expedition, and not posted to any online network or social media.  One way of doing this is to carry the SIM card separately.
  • If a phone is taken, The Scout Association and DofE take no responsibility for the item.
  • The wearing of headphones of any type, or playing music etc on speakers, is forbidden when journeying or when taking part in expedition activity.