Training materials to help you navigate like a pro

Ordnance Survey (OS)

Learn how to read a map – a page of short guides for beginners, covering map and compass

Map reading made easy

Map reading from beginner to advanced

Using the national grid

Check that you know the map symbols used on OS maps

OS 25K Maps legend – key to symbols etc  (PDF – check Downloads)

The 5 Ds - how not to get lost

This is a very important part of preparing a route card and walking safely.  If you use it as you prepare and again during the expedition, you should always know where you are.

For each section (leg) you should consider:

Distance – (How far is it)
Duration – (How long will it take)
Direction – (Which way should I go)
Description – (What will I see along the way) [Danger?]
Destination – (What should I see at the end of the leg)


This is a serious article, but well worth a look.