Leaders message Oct 22

SEEE is a team in South East Region that runs DofE Expeditions for all Explorer Scouts in the Region. 

We need your help now to pass on information about opportunities for Explorer Scouts to complete their DofE Expedition in 2023 – they will need to note interest by 1st November.

  • Please send a brief message to publicise, and include this link about expeditions in 2023. 
  • Do tailor your message to suit your local arrangements – e.g. you may be running Bronze locally. 
  • Noting interest doesn’t commit them to take part – that will happen later. 
  • They may well receive a similar email from us through other channels as our experience is that there is no one way that gets messages to everyone quickly and reliably. 
  • We want to do all we can to make expeditions accessible and affordable for all  – we publish this information for individuals on how we can help. We are very aware that they may not see this information, or understandably feel uncomfortable about asking for help. As Unit Leaders, you may be aware of Explorers in this situation if so, please do encourage them to contact us in complete confidence, or to allow you to do so on their behalf if they prefer that. 
  • Our focus is on providing training and expeditions for Silver and Gold Awards, with options for hillwalking, canoeing and biking. If you aren’t able to offer Bronze expeditions locally, we can help find Bronze places being run elsewhere, help you run one locally, or run a Regional Bronze Hillwalking expedition if needed, so do get in touch. 

For more information on SEEE check:  

What Happens Next? 

Shortly after 1st November, we will send you the list of all Explorer Scouts from your Unit who have noted interest. 

How To Contact Us 

Use the email address specifically for leaders/volunteers – seee.team@sesscouts.org.uk  

Many thanks, 

The SEEE Team