Leaders message 15 Nov 2021

This email is being sent to all adults who support the DofE Award in Explorer Scout Units in South East Region – please pass on to anyone in your team who may be interested: 

  • District Explorer Scout Commissioners (DESCs) 
  • Explorer Scout Unit Leaders (ESLs) including ESL YLs. 
  • Adult Volunteers who help Explorer Scouts plan and complete their DofE Awards (aka DofE Leaders 

Hi – 

South East Explorer Expeditions are preparing DofE expedition plans for 2022. 

We need your help to ensure all Explorer Scouts in SE Region find out about the various opportunities to complete DofE expeditions and decide if they want to take part. 

We are asking them to complete a Google form by Tuesday 30th November with their choices. 

We can then finalise plans and send them details of expeditions being run, so they can sign up to take part, and training can start early next year. 


  • Sending the message below to all Explorer Scouts and Young Leaders in your Unit 
  • Just copy/paste the blue text and personalise the intro for your Explorers 

Dear [NAME],  

DofE expeditions are being planned for 2022 for the Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards, with offroad biking and canoeing as well as hillwalking if you want to try something different. 

  • Take a few minutes to watch the short videos on the different opportunities at https://see-expeditions.org.uk/ 
  • If you have any questions email us at enquiries@see-expeditions.org.uk  
  • Decide what you would like to do and fill in the form on the web page by 30th November 
  • We’ll be in touch in December/January with detailed information and you can decide to sign up for a place on an expedition 

Please do send this out even if you are running expeditions as part of the Unit or District programme, as some of your Explorers 

  • May prefer canoeing or off-road biking expeditions to try something new 
  • Could complete more than one expedition in 2022 using flexible options introduced by DofE during Covid by joining one of the SEEE Silver or Gold expeditions 


  • Talking about and promoting DofE Awards and expeditions at your next Unit meetings 
  • Prompting the Explorers to read your email, watch the short videos, and decide what they would like to do by 30th November. 
  • They will have questions – if we can assist contact us via enquiries@see-expeditions.org.uk 


  • Contact you shortly with info about a Zoom call to give an opportunity to cover any questions and feedback you may have and to discuss how we can best work together to support DofE expeditions in 2022 
  • Send out information in a few days time through Regional and District websites etc, and directly to the 250 Explorers who took part in SEEE expeditions this year 
  • By 3rd December let you know who has responded from your Unit and ask you to: 
  • Remind anyone you think has missed the deadline and wants to take part – we’ll allow a few days for this. 
  • Check that everyone has signed up for expedition(s) appropriate to them 
  • Let us know: 
  • Details of any personal needs for participants who may need additional support 
  • If we can help with inclusivity/accessibility of expeditions for anyone 
  • If you are able to run basic training or might be planning expeditions locally 


Many thanks for your support, 

The SEEE Team