Info for Leaders supporting the DofE Award


This page provides information from the South East Scotland Region DofE Adviser and is intended for volunteers supporting DofE in Explorer Scout Units and Network sections. Reference is made to Explorer Units, but will also apply to Network.

Within DofE, the adult who directly supports participants’ progress with their Award in their local Unit is called the DofE Leader and the information on this page is aimed at DofE Leaders within the Region.  If you are not registered as a leader on eDofE, please contact John Buchanan, the Regional Adviser, to discuss how this can be arranged.

For Explorer Scouts and Network members DofE is managed by Scouts Scotland as a Licensed Organisation – see their website for DofE Resources.

Registering participants online through the Region

The traditional process using paper forms (outlined below) places all of the administration for registration, payments, record keeping and communication with parents and young people on to the DofE Leader, and takes a lot time away from directly supporting your participants’ progress with their Awards.

The South East Scotland Region DofE team has developed an online system for the entire process, where a participant and their parent can simply be given a link to the online process, and the DofE Leaders will receive an email to confirm when an individual has received their new place and is ready to proceed with the Award, without needing to retain any forms, handle payments, or orders to SHQ.

Any Unit is welcome to switch to this process – see the section below on what you will need to do.

The benefits of this process are:

  • There is nothing for the Unit Leader (DofE Leader) to do, other than publish the link to the Region web page, and advise participants when they need to register.
  • The Region will usually hold some pre-ordered places which can be allocated immediately without waiting for the next order to be placed with SHQ, so participants can start immediately.
  • Paper forms are replaced with electronic versions, and held for legal purposes on the Region’s SharePoint site. Participants receive a copy as soon as they submit it for their records.
  • When the place is allocated to a participant in their Unit, the DofE Leader will receive an email to let them know, and the participant will receive an email with info on how to get started. Here is the content of the email which is sent:
    • Hello
      Your DofE registration process is now complete and you should receive an email from eDofE with your username and password information shortly. Once you have logged in, you can change your username and password. You should use eDofE to plan and record all your programme activities. DofE Leaders can access your details too, so that they can monitor your progress and approve any activities.

      Before you start, it’s worth looking at this website: DofE in SE Scotland Region It contains lots of advice and will help you to plan your activities.

      If you have any problems or questions regarding the registration process, please email me,
      Administrator, SE Region Scouts

  • There is a small admin charge (less than £1 per registration) to cover card processing costs, but this avoids the need to collect money from parents then pay SHQ. 

The majority of Units in South East Scotland use this system and, if you would like to switch, see the section below on what you should do.

Registering participants – traditional method

Whenever a member of  an Explorer Unit wishes to start the DofE Award, or to start the next level of the Award, they (and their parent for Explorer Scouts) must complete and sign the DofE Participant Enrolment Form, and send this to their DofE Leader along with the appropriate payment.

The DofE Leader then:

  • Retains the form as required by SHQ as a  legal record that the form has been signed  and that the participant and their parent are aware of their responsibility for the safety of activities which are run outwith Scouting. This could well mean forms for Bronze, Silver and Gold for each Explorer Scout in a Unit are retained until the  participant is 25.
  • Orders a participation place for the participant for the new level of the Award from SHQ by submitting the DofE Request for Participation Places form to Scouts Scotland along with a payment.
  • When this place has been added by Scouts Scotland to eDofE,  the leader assigns it to the individual and provides them with information on how they can start planning and completing sections of the Award.

How to move to the Regional online process

The online process is enabled for any Unit or Section that wishes to use it. If you would like your Unit added to the form, email and let us know:

  •  Your District, Section(Explorer Scouts or Network) and if Explorer Scouts your Unit
  • The DofE Group on eDofE under South East Scotland Region where your participants are managed
  • Supply email addresses for two reliable and monitored email accounts (along with the name of the associated adult in the Unit team) for:
    • The volunteer acting as the DofE Leader  who will receive emails on individual registrations
    • The Explorer Scout Leader responsible for the Unit, as a backup contact and for anything requiring their attention.

We will add your Unit to the online form menus and email you to let you know your Unit is now live and you can simply publish this link and ask them to register online.

As personal information on participants may be included in emails, please make sure that access to these accounts is compliant with GDPR requirements.

If you wish to switch to this process and have spare unallocated places held in your DofE Group, we can purchase these from you and use them for online registrations.

For any questions now, or while you are using the system simply email the SES DofE Registration team at

How to transfer Explorers registered with school

This is easy to do.  The one thing to check is that the school has signed off all sections that they need to do – particularly the Expedition section – before asking to transfer to Scouting.  See Transfer to Scouts to continue your DofE Award.