Can I really do Bronze and Silver or Silver and Gold expeditions in 2022?

DofE introduced new options to help participants and compensate for restrictions due to Covid. One of these allows you to use a single expedition to count for two: 

  • As long as you can register for Silver, you can complete a Silver Practice expedition and count it for your Bronze Qualifying expedition, and then complete your Silver Qualifying expedition. Completing two expeditions under this option achieves the same as three expeditions (Bronze Qualifying, Silver Practice, Silver Qualifying) under normal circumstances. 
  • As long as you can register for Gold, you can complete a Gold Practice and count it as your Silver Qualifying expedition as well, then complete your Gold Qualifier. Again under this option you complete two expeditions which would require three under normal circumstances. If you did a Silver Practice last year this means you could complete Silver and Gold expedition sections this year by completing two expeditions. 

It’s quite complicated to cover all the different options, as it does depend on your individual situation. If you want to do two levels of expedition in 2022 (Bronze & Silver, or Silver & Gold), then choose that option on the form and we will check and let you know if you can. 

Equally, it’s fine if you prefer to do only one level in 2022 (as would be the case without these options) – just let us know on the form.