Expeditions in 2022

Do you want to take part in a DofE Expedition in 2022?

Deadline extended to 10 December - but hurry!

1. To find out what you can do, watch the videos below

Walking Expedition
Bike expedition
Canoe Expedition

2. Now decide which you want to do  

  • Full training is provided 
  • Learn new skills you may need for biking and canoeing, special gear is provided 
  • Try something new if you want – no previous experience needed 

3. Tell us you are interested by 10th December 

Click HERE for the Google form – fill in the form and we will include you in our plans for 2022

  • Do complete this even if you plan to do Bronze with your own Explorer Scout Unit 
  • Note that Canoeing places are subject to availability

When do you sign up? 

  • You will receive an email from us in December or early January 
  • It will give you dates, costs and other information and we can cover any questions you have then 
  • You will have two weeks to decide – and can reserve a place by paying a small deposit 

Any questions or want to know more?