Expedition charges 2024

Costs of training and individual expeditions can vary depending on the numbers attending, duration, location, and the expenses of the volunteer leaders supporting it. The table below shows the range of charges for different types of expeditions we expect in 2024, alongside typical charges for other organisations who provide DofE.

For details about paddling expeditions, see Longcraig ESSU site.

Level – SEEE Expedition section costs

SEEE Guide (Hillwalking)

Other Providers –
Example Costs (2022, lowest – median – highest)



(Typically completed with District/Unit) 
Training – £0-10  
Qualifying Expedition – £15-25 
(2 days, Pentlands) 

£50 – £150 – £300



Training – £10-20
Practice Expedition (2 days/2 nights) – £30-60 
Qualifying Expedition (3 days/2 nights) – £30-70 

£100 – £200 – £ 400



Training – £10-20 
Advanced First Aid – £30 (optional – 2 in each group need to hold) 
Practice Expedition (2 days/2 nights) – £30-60 
Qualifying Expedition (4 days/4 nights) – £50-£100

£150 – £300 – £600

  • The charge for each expedition is estimated to cover the specific costs in running the expedition and to contribute to the overall costs of running the SEEE Programme.
  • It does not usually include transport to/from the start/finish points or hire of specialist equipment e.g., bikes or canoes for expeditions using different forms of travel.
  • At end of the expedition, any unplanned surplus is returned to the contingency fund.
  • Biking expeditions have similar costs to hillwalking – there may be additional costs for the use of panniers to carry kit on bikes of £10 if needed. Most participants have a MTB, gravel or cyclocross bike that can be used – we can advise and may be able to assist with hire of a bike if required.


What is not covered by our charges

Individuals may have additional personal costs to: 

  • ensure they have personal kit as shown in the expedition kit list
  • contribute to food purchased for their expedition group
  • pay for the replacement or repair of equipment through lack of care by individuals or a group
  • arrange transport or car shares to the start and finish locations for an expedition

All participants in expeditions must already be registered with DofE/Scouts Scotland for the relevant level (Bronze, Silver or Gold) of the Award. This can be arranged through your Unit or District and will cost in the region of £29-£35 depending on level.

After you reserve a place, you will be allocated a group, and as a group you will plan and complete your expedition and project together as a team.  Our volunteer admin team will start making bookings and arrangements for the expedition based on you taking part.  If you change your mind later, groups will need to be rearranged, the expedition might need to be cancelled depending on overall numbers, and the admin team will have extra unplanned work to replan the expedition. 

We ask you to be considerate of others and view your place as a commitment to take part in the expedition as part of your team, and only withdraw if something unexpected and serious happens that is outside your control – e.g. illness, clash with SQA exam, family emergency. 

If this happens, contact us as soon as possible.  Although deposits and payments aren’t automatically refundable, we may be able to refund part or all your payments depending on the specific circumstances. 

Support we can provide

Everyone’s personal situation is different – and maybe you think you might not be able to complete an expedition, possibly because of the cost, not having all right gear, transport difficulties, fitness, a medical condition or disability, or possibly one of many other things.  

We want everyone to have the opportunity to take part whatever their situation and have helped many Explorers in the past to enjoy the adventure of an expedition.  There are various options we can explore to see if we can help you – so please get in touch with us in confidence and we will do our best to make your expedition possible.  Please contact any of the following and we will do our best to find a way for you to take part.