Covid update message 29 August 2021

The following is an update to our earlier information about Covid in light of new guidance issued by Scouts Scotland on 19 August.

In summary:

  • The organisation of expeditions follows the rules and guidelines of the Scout Association, and detailed risk assessments are produced and approvals obtained.
  • Scouts Scotland has provided new guidance on 19th August. We have noted points most relevant to SEEE expeditions and activities:
    • Tents and rooms can be occupied by more than one person
    • Face coverings are required indoors except while sleeping or eating and on public transport
    • No specific physical distancing is required indoors or outdoors
  • Everyone is expected to continue to act responsibly, cautiously and with respect for others:
    • good hand hygiene and surface cleaning
    • continued promotion of good ventilation
    • continue to comply with Test and Protect, including a register of attendance at every activity
  • As per previous expeditions, we do not plan to provide organised transport to and from the start and finish point, therefore participants should make their own arrangements. Participants can message each other using OSM Events at Home if they wish to arrange shared transport. 
  • Please note it is the parents responsibility to ensure their young person arrives safely at the start and at pick up resumes that responsibility again.
  • The Expedition Leader in Charge will organise and ensure this occurs and Assessors will monitor that these are observed as individuals and groups are expected to be responsible for their own safety.
  • Participants do not need to wear face coverings while outdoors and cooking, but they should be mindful to limit touching, wash hands, use alcohol-based hand sanitising gel etc. Please take care not to do this near naked flames (stoves) given these gels are flammable.
  • Participants should use separate plates, mugs and cutlery.
  • When at a venue (either during project work or on a formal campsite) participants must follow the Covid measures required there.
  • Please contact us in advance of any activity if a participant is at increased risk from COVID-19 to discuss this with us in confidence.

Managing the situation where a participant reports Covid-like symptoms 100 miles from home at in a remote Highland Glen several hours walk from a road will require us to redeploy leaders to get the individual to the nearest accessible road (which may take several hours) and remain with them until they are collected.

This may well mean their expedition group and others are stopped because there are not sufficient adults to supervise their safety


Please do all you can to avoid this possibility:

·        If you are feeling unwell with Covid-like or indeed any other symptoms that may mean you can’t complete the expedition please let us know and don’t  travel to the expedition.


  • Lateral flow checks

    We are recommending everyone to take these tests to ensure as much as practical that no-one attending has a Covid infection by:
    • Undertaking a Lateral Flow Test just before leaving home to travel to the expedition, and if the result indicates Covid infection please let us know and do not travel to the expedition area  
    • On returning home, again take the Lateral Flow Test as soon as possible, and contact Test and Protect if required and advise the Leader in Charge via the details on your emergency card or by email to if Covid infection is indicated.