Checklist for Leaders in Charge

Some things to be checked before the expedition, for each candidate:


Are all details on OSM up to date?  Have you checked them?

Should members of a group know about, for example:

  • An allergy to nuts (etc)? [They need to plan their food …]
  • That someone has an EpiPen? [Where?  Could they use it?]
  • That someone has diabetes?  [Planning food, time out, managing energy use…]

Do they have their personal medication?

  • Prescription medicines etc in original containers (make sure this is listed on OSM) including EpiPens, inhalers, medicines for allergies …
    • Do they have enough, including spares?


Hand gel [Available throughout journey]



Insect repellent and midge net

Sun block

Sanitary products [Strenuous exercise can lead to an unexpected period.]

Suitable clothing including waterproofs, hat(s), gloves, buff etc [for all likely weather conditions]


Enough food? [3000 calories per day, average]

Plenty of snacks?

Starting with 2 litres of water per day?


Is it properly adjusted?

Is to too heavy? [Maximum recommended is 25% of body weight.]