Be Prepared – just in case

Here is a list of some very light things that can help you deal with the unexpected on an expedition.  Some are personal, others can be shared by the group, but it is worth thinking about them and packing them safely where you can find them.  Most of them will be in your house, but that won’t help if you are in the hills.

  • Cord, string, paracord Make sure you have enough to tie things together, make a spare guy rope etc.
  • Tape Duct tape is very useful, but you don’t need a big roll.  Wind some round an old credit card, lengthwise, and it will help patch all sorts of things.  It is very strong, and waterproof.
  • Cable ties  Have some of different sizes, if possible.  They can hold a boot together, or a rucksack, or whatever.
  • Multi-tool or small knife  This can cut things, be a screwdriver (both types) and help you repair all sorts of things.
  • Sanitary products  Be aware that strenuous exercise can lead to an unexpected period.
  • Toilet paper  Have some extra, folded in a poly bag.
  • Kitchen roll  Have some folded in a poly bag.
  • Freezer bags  These can keep things dry, but also be used to patch things, using tape.  Use one to carry your emergency kit.