Basic Training Week 4

Module 4 - Sunday 28 February

Slides from 28 February

You can go through them to help you remember what you learned.  They include links to help you.

Food and menus

Foods examples


Navigation 5 Ds

Preparing for Module 5

Gas Stoves

Read the Word document Safety instructions.


Open the Word document Compare Lightweight Meals and follow the instructions.  Save the document on your own system and we will ask to see it later.  It will also help you start planning your expedition menu.


Go through this presentation about weather – something that affects expeditions a lot!
You can find lots more about weather from The Met Office.

Compass skills

Keep practising with your compass.  Check the videos from last week if you need help.  We will set you some exercises when everyone has a compass to use.

eDofE Mapping

You will have to prepare your expedition route using this, so try plotting a simple route – anything will do.

General Material

DofE documents

Here are two DofE documents you should know about, though you don’t have to read them all at once.  We referred to both of them in Module 1.

20 Conditions of a DofE Expedition

This explains what the Assessor will be checking.

Expedition Training Framework for Bronze

This gives details of what we have to cover, under the following headings:

  1. First aid and emergency procedures
  2. An awareness of risk and health and safety issues
  3. Navigation and route planning
    1. Preparatory map skills
    2. Practical map skills
    3. Compass skills
  4. Campcraft, equipment and hygiene
  5. Food and cooking
  6. Countryside and Highway Codes
  7. Observation recording and presentations
  8. Team building
  9. Proficiency in the mode of travel – walking