Assessor reports – what is required

Advice from DofE

Advice for candidates

What is an eDofE section planner?

For each section of DofE, other than the expedition (which will be dealt with by leaders), you must complete a planner.  The easiest ways is to use the eDofE app on your phone.  If you want, you can download and print a paper version to work on before you enter it online: .

You then submit this planner to your DofE Leader for approval.  Make sure you do this before you start the activity, so your leader can advise you of any problems.

Note that your planner should include the details of your Assessor (see below).

What is evidence?

For each section of DofE, other than the expedition (which is handled differently), you should upload ‘evidence’ of what you are doing.  This can be a diary of what you do each week, with photos of important events added. You can also add things like recipes, programmes, certificates etc.  If you like, you can download and use an activity log and use that, but you might prefer just to upload a message each week, or keep a spreadsheet. 

At the end of the section, it is a good idea to upload a ‘reflection’, recording your thoughts about what you have achieved and learned.  This is particularly important at Silver and Gold.

What is an Assessor?

For each section of DofE, there must be an Assessor.  They should not be a family member. 

  • Volunteering examples: the Cub Leader if you are a YL helping with Cubs; a senior coach if you are helping coach the P7s; the Manager at the charity shop where you help …
  • Physical examples: your team coach; your judo instructor; your dance teacher; a PE teacher; an adult friend who monitors your progress in running, cycling etc …
  • Skill examples: your music instructor or teacher; an art teacher; an adult friend who monitors your progress in cooking, baking etc …

You should speak to your Assessor before you start, and make sure they know what is happening.  The easiest way to do that is to use the relevant pages from your Welcome Pack: see if you cannot find it.

What is an Assessor’s report?

At the end of the time required, they need to supply an Assessor’s Report for eDofE.  This must contain, as a minimum:

  • The start and end date (which should be what you entered in your eDofE planner)
  • How much progress you made toward the goals you set (and entered on your eDofE planner)
  • How often you did the activity, and for how long, to show that you did the minimum time required (average 1 hour per week over the number of weeks selected)
  • The Assessor’s name, role (eg ‘coach’) and contact details (phone or email)

Please note that you cannot write your own Assessor’s report.

How to upload the Assessor’s report on eDofE

  • The best way is for you to give your Assessor your eDofE number, and a note of your dates and goals.  They then go to and enter the information directly online.
  • Or they complete the relevant page from your Welcome Pack.  You should fill in your details first, then they will add their sections.  When they give it back to you, you should scan it and upload it as evidence to your eDofE; please make sure the scan is clear, and the right way up – you can adjust it in eDofE.  You can find copies of the Welcome Pack here .  You should open the file ‘Assessor Cards SUB A5 Bronze’.
  • If your Assessor chooses to write their own report, please make sure they include the information in bold in points A to D above.  The easiest way is to give them the page from your Welcome Pack, with your information entered.  You then scan it and upload it.