Info for Explorer Scout Leaders

South East Explorer Expeditions aims to provide opportunities for any Explorer Scout to complete expeditions that are a key part of the Top Awards in the Explorer and Network programmes.  With around 150 Explorer Scouts from over 20 Units taking part, communication could be a real challenge, and we hope the information here makes the whole experience a positive one for both Explorers and Leaders.

Expedition plans

Expeditons are planned on a yearly cycle with the following steps:

  • Autumn – Publicise information about expeditions to DESC’s  Unit Leaders and Explorer Scouts who have taken part in expeditions previously, and ask for Explorers to reply let us know what they would like to do – which DofE Level, and their preferences for expeditions on foot, by bike or by canoe.
  • January – based on how many Explorers want to take part in which expeditions, we will decide which ones have enough Explorers wanting to take part, and we have the resources to run, and let everyone know what expedition we can offer them – for the vast majority it will be their first choice.
  • February – April – skills training takes place for everyone who is completing their first expedition (Bronze and Direct Entrants to Silver and Gold Awards) to ensure he 20 conditions are satisfied. 


Your Help is needed

Please send information to Explorers who may be interested in taking part and may have missed the original email sent out, or would benefit from a reminder to return a Google form by the final deadline of 20th January. All of the information thye need is available at

Which Explorers can take part?

Any Explorer can take part as long as there is a adult volunteer acting at their DofE Leader available to ensure they are registered with DofE for the right level of Award before the start of the expedition training, to guide them through the overall Award and to monitor their progress on eDofE.

It is fine for a single Explorer to take part from a Unit provided they have a DofE Leader available. This could be one of the leaders or a parent/support in a Unit, or an individual supporting Explorers across a District. Get in touch to discuss how we can set this up.

Our plans and approach

  1. Our plan will include the expedition training to meet the relevant requirements in the DofE 20 conditions for expeditions which will be a blend of online and outdoor sessions, and the practice and qualifier expeditions themselves.
  2. There will be additional skills training for biking and canoeing to ensure they are able to complete the expedition safely.
  3. We’ll do our best to plan dates and locations that are convenient for as many of the participants and volunteers as possible.
  4. We aim to give everyone the opportunity to complete an expedition that is their first choice, or second choice if that is not possible due to adult support, lack of participants to make group sizes viable, or other factors.
  5. We want these opportunities to be accessible to all. Contact us to discuss any circumstances factors relating to an individual or your Unit which means it is difficult to participate and we can discuss options.

Early in January we’ll finalise the expeditions being run, groups, dates and locations and send these to all Explorers who responded to the Google Form (with copies to their DofE Leader).

Explorers will be asked at that point to decide whether they wish to take part and we will then contact you to ask:

  1. you to share their Online Scout Manager record to the DofE BraidCraig OSM so we can communicate directly. Don’t worry if your Unit doesn’t use OSM; we can create a record on BraidCraig
  2. Help them to be registered on eDofE for the relevant Section of the Award by the time training starts in late January. This could require you to do one of the following:
    1. Register them with DofE through SHQ to obtain an eDofE login and a place for the right level of Award (Bronze, Silver or Gold) if they are a new entrant to DofE
    2. Obtain a place for the next level of Award through SHQ to add to their existing eDofE login
    3. Request the Regional DofE Advisor ( to transfer their eDofE records from their School to your District/Unit eDofE section if they are already doing DofE at their school and wish to swap to Explorers.

We’ll copy DofE Leaders in all communications to Explorers (usually by OSM email) so they are aware of progress with expeditions, and please do ask us for help if you are new to this and we will support you.

Actions before and during expeditions

  1. We plan on the basis that each Unit/District provides the standard camping/expedition gear (tents, stoves, maps, compasses, emergency bags etc.) for the participants – where there are gaps we expect we all try and help each other out.
  2. Some adult contribution to BraidCraig is requested from all participating Units/Districts to help the core team – this is flexible depending on what is practical for you, and where help may be most needed for a given expedition.
  3. Participants are charged via our OSM for the basic costs of running the expedition. We can add an additional charge for participants from a specific Unit/District if you wish to recover costs (e.g. for maintaining communal expedition equipment) and transfer this at the end of the expedition season.

Any questions?

It’s the first time we’re widening activities from the original BraidCraig Units, so please contact us with any questions, ideas etc.:

Information will also be posted over time on our website at