Expeditions in 2024

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At SEEE, we focus on DofE expeditions for Silver and Gold, as Bronze can usually be run by Units or Districts, but we can organise or support Bronzes if required – for instance, where local leaders are not able to do so, or where numbers are small. 

At this stage, please complete our form if you want to do Bronze, and if a local option is available we will send your request to your Unit or District.  Otherwise, we will see if it can be provided by SEEE. Note that all Bronze expeditions are Hillwalking.

Silver and Gold

We are now planning the 2024 season, based on those who applied using our form. 

Canoeing recruitment has now been finalised.

For Hillwalking and Biking, we have sent out a note of the dates for your Practice  expedition, and asked you to commit to those dates and pay a small deposit.  You should also complete our form to tell us what training you have done.

You will do a period of training, then complete a Practice and a Qualifying expedition, and do a short presentation (for Silver and Gold) about it to complete the Expedition section. 

Note that you will have to register with DofE for the appropriate level for it to count, but it can also count for CSA or KSA.  Information about DofE in general, including registration, can be found here: https://see-expeditions.org.uk/dofe-basics/.

Network members, including leaders under 25, are welcome to get in touch if interested in doing an expedition, but the process for them will be different.

If you have not completed our form but would like to take part, submit the form (link below) and we will see whether there are places available.

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Canoeing (under way)


If you want to know more (all levels):

What happens next

  • Bronzes can still apply using the link below.  Those who have applied are on the list.
  • Canoeing is under way. Further information is on the Longcraig ESU website
  • For Hillwalking, an offer of dates has been sent out.
  • For Biking, a message has been sent out .
  • Those still wishing to apply for Silver or Gold should use the form below, and we will see whether places are available.
  • You can also email us at any time – expeditions@sesscouts.org.uk