Expeditions in 2022

What is happening

1. Canoeing – 19 Jan 2022

Those who expressed interest in canoeing have all heard directly from the Canoe Leaders, and places on the teams have now been finalised. Training has started for this year. If you haven’t yet confirmed your expedition, places on hillwalking and cycling expeditions are still available.
For those doing canoeing, all information is on the Longcraig ESU website.

2. Biking – 19 Jan 2022

There are still places available (Silver and Gold only). 

  • The Biking Leaders have been in touch with those who expressed interest, and will contact you soon with further information.  
  • If you would like to change to Biking, please contact desc@craigalmond.org.uk.
  • If you have not sent us your details, you can do so now using the form below, and we will do our best to included you.

3. Hillwalking – 19 Jan 2022

There are still places available.

  • Those doing Bronze may already have heard from their Leaders and may be starting training locally.
  • The leaders are working on plans for the other Bronzes and for Silver and Gold.  You should hear shortly.  You will be told when training and expeditions will take place, and at that point we will ask you to accept the place and pay a deposit. 

4. If you have not yet applied to us

There are still places for Biking and Hillwalking.

Click HERE for the Google form – fill in the form and we will try to include you in our plans.

Any questions or want to know more?